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Where to put the microwave?

user-5706305 | Posted in General Questions on

Locating a microwave in a “luxury” kitchen is difficult because a main feature of a “high end luxury” kitchen is that it does not follow convention of putting in an over the range unit-as it would interfere with the aesthetics of the expensive fume hood. Does anyone have any original ideas for locating one that is ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing in the below kitchen that calls for one of those pesky microwave units? I have included a sketch of the kitchen. The yellow area is going to be a glass wall with a door—so that part is out. The box behind this small kitchen is the pantry—but it seems far off for a microwave. What would you do? Those under counter jobbers seem a bit low, on the counter, would take up to much precious space. Does a recessed in the back splash installation sound ok? It would be kind of neat having a counter area to immediately set the hot food on.

What would you do my kitchen design friends? Where should it go if this was your luxury kitchen with a hood over the range?

Sorry about the image quality.

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  1. user-3133848 | | #1

    Top of the line microwaves are now available as pull-out drawers for extra $$$. Tuck them in below the counter anywhere. Supposedly easier to load and unload ! Otherwise, I prefer somewhere in proximity to the refer for ease in heating up a left-over piece of pie or a cuppa.

  2. SwitchgrassFarmer | | #2

    We put our microwave under the counter and it hasn't been an issue. I think our collective worries about that location are because we are so conditioned to them being at counter height, a philosophy that goes back to the first hulking microwave units that came out. (Back in the early 80s we actually rented a newfangled microwave just to try it out, laughable now.)

    Think of it this way, have you ever seen an above counter dishwasher? Yet we all stoop down to load and unload our dishwashers multiple times each day.

    We started with ordering an open shelf for our microwave, but didn't like the appearance. So our carpenters made a pull out face frame to surround the unit. (Also note the louver in the toe kick and in the back of the cabinet to add in some air circulation.)

    This is a simple GE microwave, bought at Walmart.

  3. user-5706305 | | #3

    thanks for your post. It gave me a chuckle as I remember our family "renting" a VCR for the weekend. It came in a padded black nylon bag with a shoulder strap. You had to rip open a velcro closure in the bag to insert and remove the tape. I remember skipping school so I could watch Mad Max. To bad mom found out! Perhaps i can rent a drawer microwave-i don't know anyone who has one. mine currently is Over the range.

  4. n2dirt | | #4

    The oven-microwave combos that look like a double oven and mount in the cabinet look good.

  5. user-5706305 | | #5

    Here is an option im considering...

  6. Chaubenee | | #6

    I can't make out the picture but I suggest an over the range style unit mounted at face level right next to the fridge and above a counter. You get the ability to actually SEE the buttons and screen, have a landing place for the hot dish that comes out, and as I always like to say- "stuff that goes in the microwave usually comes out of the fridge." I detest the idea of a knee level microwave.

  7. JC72 | | #7

    How about buying a double oven where one of them also functions as a microwave?

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