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Who has a green/high-performance building innovation that successfully pushed the permitting envelope? I want to study it!

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My organization, the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild, Olympia, WA, just launched a new website, the Code Innovations Database, Its a new resource with one simple goal in mind: “making it easier to build green.”

With the steady advance of designs and technology to reduce the environmental impact of buildings, the building codes are also evolving to accommodate change, in part driven by this innovation. The Database is designed to help facilitate this process by promoting collaboration and information sharing, while offering detailed information about successfully permitted green and high-performance building innovations and evolving green codes.

If you or someone you know had a project that pushed the envelope – i.e. applied and received a permit through a non-prescriptive or alternative compliance path, or through an innovative “green” code, we want to add it to our knowledge base so others doing similar work won’t have to reinvent the wheel. visit the website and submit your project through the “What’s Your Innovation” box on the upper right hand side!

Our launch was yesterday (Earth Day). We want to get more exposure, so help me find good places to promote it. Read, download and distribute our Earth Day Press Release, and / or comment with a good media outlet we should send it to:


Chris van Daalen, Principal Investigator
[email protected]
(360) 789-9669

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