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Who remembers Fred Lugano?

wjrobinson | Posted in General Questions on

Fred over a break time pushed for air sealing years before the rest of us and passive house. Other smart folks missng now… Michael Chandler, and Robert Riversong… Many more right….

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  1. wjrobinson | | #1

    Should say, "Fred was over at Breaktime" seems there is no edit now.

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    Fred Lugano wrote at least 4 articles for Fine Homebuilding, and he also regularly used to answer questions sent to the Q&A column. Here is a link to a page that lists his contributions to Fine Homebuilding:

  3. kevin_in_denver | | #3

    Breaktime was the best forum for a while. Whatever happened to it? Oh yeah, Taunton made some ill-advised changes that caused nearly everyone to defect to a different platform.

    Other guys worth reading:
    Mike Smith who developed the "Mooney Wall"

    Here's the Breaktime building science thread now (don't bother clicking, it's worthless):

    Here's the "copycat" breaktime, started by the defectors:

    Mike Smith posts there occasionally.

  4. FLAVRT | | #4

    *waves to old buddies*

    I found the final solution living on a Florida key: No heat, A/C, TV, or hot water. The breezes are cool and the water is warm all the time here. Did I say "no heat?" I'm chilly when it gets below 70º now. Thinned out blood is for real. So I make a lot of tea and cocoa during our brutal winters, and heat the bedroom up 75º with a dehumidifier. Plenty of latent heat for the taking. Florida Power and Light thinks I'm dead.

    Run into town once a month for food, but spear and net much of my protein. Bake a lot, hacked a stove burner to a sous vide temperature controller, make yogurt by the gallon®, and buy 50 watermelons a year. Melon and lime is the breakfast of champions. They almost give away fresh food here.

    I have a wood shop and a sewing room and write online extensively. I took up SCUBA for U/W photography and hunting. Keep a beautiful sea kayak rigged with a kiwi sail. It gets me dangerously far offshore in a hurry. Due to a serious circulation problem in my toes, which were almost amputated, I have to constantly walk on the beach. At least 1000 miles a year. Lift at least 2 tons overhead everyday. Now all my medical problems are gone, except for creaky joints. Swimming is good for that; can still make 50 meters underwater on one breath. I study art several days a week. Finally figured out 2001: It's a spatial odyssey.

    I'll be doing Paddle Georgia again this summer and hiking to Arizona hot springs this winter. Can't get enough rock art. But it's so nice here and the people are so sociable, I've lost all my enthusiasm for travel. Working on a boomerang desk and paneling my ceilings — that's a job.

    Drop me line at [email protected]. (Florida and Vermont) Funny, I got an email this week about somebody wanting to network me at LinkedIn. Never used that service, so I thought it would be prudent to google myself. That's how I found AJ's post.

  5. Expert Member

    Piffin has retired. He posts occasionally, on Delphi Forums. Mike Smith still does picture threads of his builds on both Breaktime Classic and

  6. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #6

    Let's see -- you live in the Florida Keys, walk barefoot on the beach, go swimming regularly, feel healthy, and catch enough fish to meet your needs for protein. Sounds like the type of retirement that many Vermont carpenters dream of. Good for you.

    The attached article is one of Fred's classic articles from 2000.


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