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Whole house mechanical ventalation requirement

ttf5003 | Posted in Building Code Questions on


I’m currently building a log cabin in Pennsylvania that will be used on weekends as a second home. The cabin is 24×32 with two bedrooms and a loft for a total sq ft of 1,140.

There is one permit comment that I’m unsure of. The comment is

‘Whole house mechanical ventilation is required to be provided. Please provide
manufacturer’s specifications and details. (N1103.6)”

I originally thought it meant that I needed a ERV system running continuously but N1103.6 bounces to M1507. Reading that  it makes it sound like I could just use an off the shelf Panasonic Bathroom fan as it says “local exhaust or supply fans are permitted to serve as such a system”.

Due to how small the house is and going into the tables it looks like any $100-$150 fan should work.

In my mind the next step up would be the $450 Panasonic ERV FV-04VE1.

Given that the cabin use is intermittent, I’m not sure that I’d get my money back on that. Any advice or opinions would be appreciated.



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