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Will minisplits keep me warm when it’s really cold?

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Stephen Sheehy | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Yes they will. Today at my pretty good house in Maine, the temp is -8°F, with a brisk wind. Inside it’s 68°. I heat my 1650 square foot house with 9RLSH and 12RLSH Fujitsu minisplits.

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  1. User avatar GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Glad to hear that your ductless minisplit is keeping you warm on this chilly morning!

    Here in northern Vermont, the temperature is -21°F, with about 18 inches of powdery snow on the ground. Indoor temperature is about 72°F, with heat provided by a wood stove.

  2. User avatar
    Stephen Sheehy | | #2

    Surprisingly mild atop Mt. Washington: -28°F, wind 70 mph.

  3. Bob Holodinsky | | #3

    Here in Peterborough ,Ontario it is 0 degrees F and 72 F in my 2000 sq. PGH..... 2 Fujitsu
    15RLS H series ,one up and one down ... I use the mainfloor unit alone in the shoulder seasons and just last week turned on the upstairs unit ...

  4. Malcolm Taylor | | #4

    Vancouver Island is hovering a couple of degrees below freezing. Many neighbours with frozen pipes and uncomfortably cold house because... well you know, it's the west coast.

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