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Window Tape Recommendations Needed

Renovations102 | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Hi guys,

I am going to be doing the last step on sealing my windows which of course is taping them.

What tape(s) do you recommend? I was considering the 3M 8067, Zip tape, & the Siga series, but do not know which Siga tape(s) are recommended for windows, or which is preferable, the 3M, Zip, or a Siga tape.

Obviously, I need it to be fairly tough & someting known to last over the long term.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. jenniferz5 | | #1

    I just started using the Siga Fentrim tape and it is great. If you call the folks at Small Planet Supply (as recommended by someone here on GBA), they will walk you through which Siga tape is best for your application.

  2. kyle_r | | #2

    Do you mean tape to flash the windows or air seal the space between the rough opening and window on the interior?

    1. arnoldk | | #3

      Kyle R, they are referring to flashing tape.

      I will be doing my detached garage this fall which includes four windows and one service door and I have decided to use 3M 8067 given it's available on Amazon and it's a very well reviewed tape on this site and other.


      1. kyle_r | | #4

        Hi Arnold. I really like the 8067 tape, I would recommend 3M’s 90 spray adhesive as well. Really helps with OSB.

        I was curious by the phrasing “last step of sealing my windows.” I thought maybe they meant air sealing the interior. I wouldn’t typically install windows without immediately flashing them.

    2. Deleted | | #5


    3. Renovations102 | | #6

      Interior side, sorry

  3. kyle_r | | #7

    I have used Siga Corvum and it is excellent. Very robust tape, but also very expensive. Watch the install video and practice forming the corners. The tape has a split backing 12 mm for the face of the window and 48 mm for the rough opening and is pre folded. This makes it much easier to apply on a right angle. I would not want to try this with a tape not pre folded and split backing.

    I have also used backer rod and Prosoco air dam.

    1. arnoldk | | #8

      Is a backer rod needed if insulation with spray foam? I assuming you can simply cut excess and caulk/tape for a good air sealing?


      1. kyle_r | | #9

        How spray foam holds up as an air seal over time has been questioned. However it still adds insulation. I have used spray foam and then added Siga Corvum as additional air sealing.

        Another method is to replace the spray foam with backer rod. The theory is the backer rod remains flexible and maintains an air seal as things move. It also provides some insulation. Prosoco air dam is a STP caulk they specially formulated for long term air sealing. I applied that over the backer rod. Matt Risinger has a good video on this method.

        1. arnoldk | | #10

          I thought of just using spray foam to fill the cavity and than caulk or tape for good air sealing.
          In my case, it's for a detached garage that will remain unconditioned for the foreseeable future or air sealing is not a huge priority.


          1. kyle_r | | #11

            For a garage I would say spray foam is enough. However, if you see any other window replacement projects in the future it might be a good opportunity to try out the tapes.

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