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Wood stove in a container tiny house

ScottSommers | Posted in General Questions on

Hello, I wanted to ask for guidance on installing a double walled insulated wood stove pipe through the roof of my shipping container tiny house. Currently, the insulated pipe goes through the roof and is supported by brackets on the roof to keep it secure. 

I have two inches of clearance to combustibles and this leaves the underside of the container roof uninsulated which causes condensation.

Any ideas on what to do to make this safe, eliminate condensation, and weather tight? Do I remove the container roof  two inches from the pipe and if so what is the recommendation of making it weather tight? 

Thank you. 


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  1. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #1

    You would normally use a thimble around that pipe to maintain clearances. It will always be a bit of a thermal hole, although you could try stuffing it with mineral wool -- mineral wool is non-combustible and can be used for this purpose. You'll probably still have at least some condensation though, since the metal vent pipe is a pretty good thermal conductor.

    BTW, putting a wood stove into a tiny house seems scary to me. Are you SURE you can do this safely? Including operation? You need a source of makeup air, and you need enough space around the wood stove to not get burned while running it.


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