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Wrapping a 14 inch tall by 19 foot long exterior LVL

raidersUM | Posted in General Questions on

I have a open cover patio and I am not able to find any general building store or contractor to give me ideas on wrapping my exterior LVL for my covered patio – 14″ x 19′ long. 

See photo. Ideas??

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  1. Expert Member
    Akos | | #1

    The best way to think of it is what you build is a very narrow roof over two 14" tall walls.

    I have a 30' x 18" LVL beam pair holding up my garage and pergola and that is pretty much what I did. The top of the beam is wrapped with peel and stick, the sides with two layers felt (house wrap works just as well).

    The top can be clad in any roofing, metal or a continuous piece of slightly beveled lumber and the side in standard siding. You can use something like stained T&G for the siding if you want the exposed wood look.

    You can also wrap the whole thing in metal.

    The key is to keep the beam underneath protected from any water.

  2. Expert Member
    Deleted | | #2


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