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WRB Placement?

markbener | Posted in General Questions on

just wondering what else is required to this wall assembly before the installation of a single course brick cladding?

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  1. iLikeDirt | | #1

    Windows before WRB? Or is that a WRB under OSB? Uh-oh. Read this:

  2. markbener | | #2

    Maybe this exposure was originally planned to be EIFS stucco? Then changed to brick and wood siding.

  3. iLikeDirt | | #3

    I'm confusd. Is this building already built? Putting the housewrap underneath OSB is/was certainly wrong. The whole point is to protect the OSB from bulk water. This has the makings of a big, expensive mess...

  4. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #4

    Q. "What else is required to this wall assembly before the installation of a single course brick cladding?"

    A. Lots of things:
    1. Installation of a garage door.
    2. Installation of the missing pieces of OSB sheathing.
    3. Installation of window flashing and flashing over the garage door.
    4. Installation of the WRB.
    5. Installation of base flashing in preparation for weep holes.

  5. markbener | | #5

    Thanks Martin I'm sure it's there. What is the purpose of the Spun typar under the sheathing in this situation? Maybe to tie in the side EIFS?

  6. markbener | | #6

    Now that I look at it probably a starter strip for head flashings above garage and windows.

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