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Your favorite roof jacks/caps/flashings?

ddbear | Posted in General Questions on

I noticed that roof jacks/caps/flashings are very generic for the most part.  There are a few manufacturers that make nicer ones for bath/kitchen exhaust fans etc.  Some have lightweight flaps so it’s not as leaky to the interior air.  

Has anyone come across particular roof jacks/caps/flashings that are of better quality, better insulating vs. the ordinary ones that you would highly recommend?  This seems like an area that could use some more innovation for better insulating qualities.

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  1. ddbear | | #1

    I guess I'll answer my own question. :) I've been looking for quality roof caps for several days, and the best ones I found so far are made by FAMCO. In particular, their backdraft damper is higher quality than others, making a better seal, and their copper vacuum cap is beautiful for many venting applications including exhaust fans and chimneys.

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