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Zola window screen mounts… anyone found a fix?

Steve Hengeveld | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

While my Zola windows seem to be performing well (at the one year mark), the window screen mounts can only be described as “unusable”. In fact they can damage the window seals and window surrounds when used as supplied by the manufacturer. So I’m looking for a workaround!

Is there a homeowner or window contractor out there with that’s found a way to mount Zola screens without damaging the windows (see the issues list below)?

Thanks in advance for any leads or parts sources!

Port Townsend WA

Zola screen mounts have several design flaws:

1. There are no lift tabs installed. So the homeowner can’t see what the mounts are doing to the windows themselves as they are placed. The reason that’s important is clear below.

2. As delivered the mounts are punched out flat metal strips sort-of screwed into the screen extrusion, one to each corner. The edges of these cheap metal strips are sharp. See first photo.

3. The mounts can easily dislodge the window seals. See second photo.

4. The window presses the sharp edges of the mounts against the seal so can cause damage and result in window air leaks.

5. When the window is closed, the inside of the metal mount is pressed back against the finished surface of the window surround. As the screen moves around in the wind, that can in turn damage the finish of the window exteriors. Prospective buyers should know that in many cases Zola does not warrant window exteriors.

6. There are mounts only at the four corners of each screen. The long edges of the screens are not held against the window frame resulting in a gap between the screen seal and the window surround surface. So the screens don’t really work anyway as mounted by the manufacturer.

Prospective window buyers, verify that the screens for your expensive windows work… before you place your order!

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  1. Steve Hengeveld | | #1

    I messed up my post photos... the following photo shows the screen mounts as supplied.

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