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zone 6B, subterrearean(sp?) termites inhabit my small town

Judi Tieman | Posted in General Questions on

In S E MN the town i live in, has well documented infestation of sub t. termites. Sorry i can’t spell today! Controlled by the Orkin Man, if you care about your home.
I need all the input that you have on this subject. For instance: Dow co. has webpage advertising blue board that is impregnated with termite repellant/ or resistant product that home owners may now use for sheathing below grade exterior of basement walls, this was absolutely against code in year(s) past. My questions are many i’m afraid; There are not many pros with termite experiance in S. E. Mn. Should I retrofit home with Red Iron for floor joists, and replacement of foundation beams ?I plan on replacing any wood 2×4’s with steel studs?

also I can’t find decisive information on Orkin Company Chemicals used in the extermination process of the Sub T termites. It seems to a closely guarded trade secret. i have tried to find MSDS sheets from Orkin but have not had success with that. I am thinking about carcinogenic risks as chemical is injected in soil along foundation of house. It is getting to be more important to address termite issues since home inspections in the metro areas ST Paul, and Minneapolis must address evidence of termites, and Wisc. area, as well as the some of the towns near my small town,Ostrander, Mn. 6B zone is shown as “dry area” vs. moist which does not support known termite environment. They like/need moisture/water, darkness, and cellulose which they find in the wood of my home. they also i believe like my maple trees, although arborvitist experts have not made issues of this. the maple trees in our town are hollow inside. So th sum it all up; can GBA have forum on this topic, with products, best practices, etc soon? Sincerely jt

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