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The GBA Advisory Team — The Best in the Business

You’ll see the impact of our team of advisors throughout The advisors are a geographically dispersed team of green building experts and industry thought leaders that are committed to contributing to the ideas, instruction and accuracy of Green Building Advisor. Their expertise ranges from architecture and building science to interior design and building codes.

  • Allison Bailes

    Allison A. Bailes III, PhD, is founder and owner of Energy Vanguard in Decatur, Georgia. Like many in the field of building science and green building, he is multi-faceted: His…

  • Mike Guertin

    While it may look like I spend all my time writing and talking about construction, I still swing a hammer most days. It's hard to pinpoint when I officially started…

About Us

Our editors are committed to sourcing, developing, and publishing vetted, science-backed information to help GBA readers stay current in today's high-performance building industry.

About Us

Our Expert Members

GBA’s Expert Members are professionals from all corners of the green building industry. They cover topics related to environmentally sensitive design, must-know building science, energy-efficient construction techniques, and innovative materials.

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