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A guide for homeowners who want to save energy

Bruce Harley's new book, Cut Your Energy Bills Now, provides homeowners with accurate information on energy savings.
Image Credit: Taunton Press

It’s one of two worthwhile books on the topic

NEWTOWN, CT — Energy expert Bruce Harley has written an excellent new book, Cut Your Energy Bills Now, which provides advice to homeowners interested in lowering their energy bills. Harley is the technical director for residential energy services for the Conservation Services Group headquartered in Westborough, Mass., and he’s an experienced weatherization hand.

It’s clear from reading Harley’s book that the author has spent hours lying on his back in narrow crawl spaces and stepping from joist to joist in dusty attics. He explains not only what work needs to be done, but how to do it — detailing what clothes to wear, what tools you’ll need, and what to do if you make a mistake. He also informs readers when it’s best to hire a contractor.

Harley correctly emphasizes the importance of air sealing. He writes, “In most homes, the biggest and most costly leaks — which mean the biggest opportunities for savings — are in the attic or basement. … These two areas are typically riddled with holes from pipes, wiring, ductwork, and even interior wall cavities that are open to the attic and basement. You don’t see these holes from inside your house, but they’re there, and they are sometimes big enough to stick your arm into. I’ve even crawled through some.”

Other topics covered by Harley include lighting, appliances, hot water, space heating and cooling, insulation, and windows.

Harley’s book is available from Taunton Press ( The book is a worthy companion to another weatherization book written for homeowners — The Homeowner’s Handbook to Energy Efficiency by John Krigger and Chris Dorsi. Both books can be recommended to any homeowner contemplating energy retrofit work. The book by Krigger and Dorsi is available from Saturn Resource Management (


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