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A LEED Platinum Modular Home

The Unity 2 house from Bensonwood Homes is a factory-built 1,937-square-foot modular home that has achieved LEED Platinum certification in Maine.
Image Credit: Bensonwood Homes

This Near-Zero-Energy Prefab Can Be Erected On Your Site For $521,000

WALPOLE, NH — Bensonwood Homes of Walpole is now selling several near-zero-energy modular homes, including one model, called Unity 2, that has achieved LEED Platinum certification.

The Unity 2 modular home is based on the Unity House, a 1,937-square-foot home built in the summer of 2008 on the campus of Unity College in Unity, Maine. Unity House now serves as a residence for Mitch Thomashow, the president of Unity College, and Cindy Thomashow, the executive director of the college’s Center for Environmental Education.

Like the original Unity House, the Unity 2 prefab comes with R-40 walls, R-60 roof, triple-glazed windows, a Hallowell cold-climate air-source heat pump, a 5.4-kW rooftop photovoltaic array, a solar hot water system, and a Nutech heat-recovery ventilator.

Bensonwood Homes will erect the Unity 2 on your site for $521,000. The price includes an R-20 concrete slab foundation. Because LEED for Homes certification depends on site-specific information, Platinum certification cannot be guaranteed. Since it’s been shown to be achievable in the demanding climate of Maine, however, there’s an excellent chance that LEED Platinum certification could be achieved at other sites.

Bensonwood Homes is also selling several other near-zero-energy prefabs, at prices ranging from $392,000 to $577,000. For more information, visit


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