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Building Science

Become a Master Certified Green Professional

GBA is the engine behind the building science half of NAHB's new designation

As part of a new Master Certified Green Professional designation, NAHB worked with GreenBuildingAdvisor to develop a rigorous training course covering green home building, full of building science and quality construction details. This course premiered at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas just last week.

After nearly a full day of building science instruction, students in the class spend most of the second day working in groups on real projects (often their own). They use all the GBA resources, but particularly the construction details library, strategy generator, and product guide.

Some great feedback

Several builders stopped by the NAHB Green Building Education booth after the course. Dennis Gray (P.E., LEED-AP, CGP – Wasatch Engineering) from Park City, Utah had this to say:

“The Advanced Green Building: Building Science class is an excellent addition to the NAHB education offerings. Mostly a continuation of Green Building for Building Professionals, the thing that made it special to me was the time spent on the science of moisture migration through building structures, what this impacts, and how to control it. What was great about the class approach was that it concentrated on providing the builder with the knowledge to understand how moisture problems are created, and the science behind solutions. The breakout sessions, where we worked on actual projects, was a very effective learning process. Any builder who is designing and building high performance green homes is well advised to take this class – well worth it.”

Don Ferrier of Ferrier Homes in Ft. Worth, Texas is a leading member of the NAHB Green Building Subcommittee who worked with NAHB and Green Building Advisor on this new course.

“I am very impressed with the GBA website,” says Ferrier. “Its depth and breadth is a good fit for the new Master Certified Green Professional designation, building substantially on the Certified Green Professional program.”

Coming to an HBA near you

Local home building associations around the country will be offering this course; the first will be in eastern Connecticut. I will be teaching the course for Build Green NH in March. Check out the NAHB education website (search on Advanced Green Building) to see when this class might be offered in your area. We don’t think you will be disappointed!

NOTE: At this time, the Master Certified Green Professional designation is not yet available. This is because the other required course for the designation, Green Project Management, has not premiered. The Green Project Management course will premier late this spring or early summer.


  1. FgNkWiDWBt | | #1

    Building Science Education
    I had opportunities to be educated by a well known figures that specialized in Building Science. That was three years ago. Once I put on my moisture management glasses, a whole new world opened up for my company. I sleepless nights completely ended. We now are known for bomb proof waterproofing techniques. Working on the ocean in Laguna Beach moisture management is critical to long term success. Green Building requires Building Science.

  2. Christopher Zurcher | | #2

    Yes, this sounds like a good opportunity, especially in this economy.

  3. EJ Palma | | #3

    Advanced Green Building course
    Peter, When and where will this course be offered in Connecticut. Do we have to register through NAHB or can we register through Green Building Adviser or Building Green. I went to the NAHB website but did not find a listing for the course in Connecticut. I am a licensed Building Official and a registered Builder in Connecticut and would like to enroll in the course. Thanks for your help.

  4. Peter Yost | | #4

    Taking the Connecticut (or the NH) course
    Hey Edward -

    Really sorry about this--I cannot now find the NAHB listing for the Connecticut course nor can I find this course on the Fairfield County HBRA website. Will contact NAHB about this.

    So, best thing is to go here and then give them a call:

    For those of you interested in the Build Green NH Advanced Green Building: Building Science course, go here: .

  5. Dina Lima | | #5

    Advanced Training
    It is very exciting to learn about this advanced course. I've been teaching the V1 and V2 courses for the Certified Green Professional designation and I'm looking forward to the advanced web-based interactive training!

  6. Ziani j Van rensburg | | #6

    Get Certified as a Master Green Professional
    Was wondering if this course is available online. I'm corresponding from South africa, and would like to see if I can do this course. Please advise.

  7. Peter Yost | | #7

    Avaliable on-line?
    Hi Ziani -

    Sorry, but the NAHB Advanced Green Building: Building Science course is not available on-line.

    Thanks for joining us from South Africa, in any event!

  8. T.C. Feick | | #8

    Master CGP Designation
    I saw that the Master CGP curriculum will be offered at the National Green Building Conference May 16-18 in Raleigh N.C. I am interested in the building science course, but NAHB's initial prerequisites for Master CGP certification indicated that only builders would be qualified for this designation. Stinks for those of us who educate our builder clients on green building best practices. I will look for this class to come to an HBA near me.

  9. Amy Wike | | #9

    Certified Green
    This sounds like a great opportunity to get informed about becoming certified green. This, along with other trainings and companies, will definitely help improve our environment!

  10. Amy Wike | | #10

    Certified Green Cont'd green

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