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Musings of an Energy Nerd

Christmas Carols from the Energy Nerd

A collection of new seasonal songs

Image Credit: Camila Gimeno

UPDATED December 23, 2010:

Click on the mp3 link above to listen to a recorded version of “The Blower Door Man Is Coming to Town.” Many thanks to Greg Cutler and Peter Troast of The Energy Circle for recording one of this year’s carols.

Rudolph the Sloppy Builder

You know all about Norm Abram
And that old builder named Bob
But do you recall
The most infamous builder of all?
Rudolph the sloppy builder
Has a very shiny truck,
And everyone who sees it
Says he has money (or luck).
But all of the other builders
Say that Rudolph’s buildings leak.
They always tell poor Rudolph,
“Your envelope details are weak.”

Then one foggy Christmas Eve
Rudolph surfed the Web,
Where he found a site so bright
It showed him how to build real tight.
Then all the builders loved him
And they shouted out with glee,
“Rudolph the Passivhaus builder,
You’ll go down in history!”


Up On the Housetop

Up on the housetop roofers strip
Shingles off, from eave to hip,
Putting down foam board, trying to stop
Heat from escaping out the top.

Ho, ho, ho!
Heat likes to flow!
Ho, ho, ho!
Heat likes to flow!

Up on the housetop, seal your home,
Fill all the cracks and lay down foam.
After the foam guys seal the crawl,
Workers begin to strip a wall.
Styrofoam sheathing, strapping too,
Into the cracks they squeeze some goo.

Ho, ho, ho!
Heat likes to flow!
Ho, ho, ho!
Heat likes to flow!

Up on the housetop, seal your home,
Fill all the cracks and lay down foam.
Next, ventilation — HRVs,
Ventilate with a gentle breeze.
Tightening homes to stop the chill
Also lowers your energy bill.

Ho, ho, ho! Heat likes to flow! Ho, ho, ho! Heat likes…

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  1. JFink | | #1

    I had no idea you were such a
    I had no idea you were such a lyricist, Martin! Ha!

  2. GBA Editor
    Patrick Mccombe | | #2

    Martin's Song Stylings

  3. 2tePuaao2B | | #3

    A breath of fresh air
    Thanks Martin, They're great!

  4. Andrew Henry | | #4

    Happy Holidays
    Hi Martin,

    That was a clever LEED plaque dig! : )

    I have been anticipating your Christmas parody as eagerly as my kids are anticipating Christmas. Thanks for another year of green building and building science journalism.



  5. J Chesnut | | #5

    CD or youtube holiday special
    Now was it Michael Chandler who mentioned he was a musician? Someone really should perform these and upload music files using the advanced features of this site ; )

  6. Expert Member
    CARL SEVILLE | | #6

    Bah Humbug
    Being both Jewish and a curmudgeon, never had much need for Christmas, although these are pretty humorous for the building science geek set.

  7. Joe W | | #7

    Thanks. I think.
    We need audio to record all the groans.

    Merry Christmas, and happy holidays, to you, too.

    Joe W.

  8. Doug | | #8

    Loved every corny rhyme!

  9. Dan | | #9

    Absolutely love this. What
    Absolutely love this. What are the chances of getting permission to publish with credit given in a local paper? Can I re post on my blog?

  10. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #10

    Response to Dan
    Yes, you can republish the Carols. Check your e-mail In box for more information.


    The grandma one is truly sick Martin. I love it! Elizabeth

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