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Finally, the Fine Homebuilding Summit!

In the fall of 2019, FHB, GBA, and KCA will bring together building-industry experts, influencers, and select manufacturers to share their knowledge and insights through an intense, collaborative learning experience.

For as long as I have worked with Fine Homebuilding magazine,, and, we have wanted to hold an event that brings leading industry experts—a mix of architects, builders, engineers, and building scientists—together with our readers and members, who are often just as knowledgeable and experienced. That means this event is more than 15 years in the making, and I’m sure the idea was around before my time at The Taunton Press. This October, FHB, GBA, and KCA will be holding the first ever Fine Homebuilding Summit in Southbridge, Mass.

The Presenters

The list of presenters is full of names you’ll recognize, including long-time GBA editor Martin Holladay. The full editorial staff of FHB, GBA, and KCA will be at the Summit. And if you choose to attend, you’ll also have a chance to talk shop in sessions with:

Steve Baczek, architect

Michael Maines, designer/builder

Jordan Goldman, mechanical/HVAC expert

Mike Guertin, builder/remodeler

Ben Bogie, builder/remodeler

Chris Corson, Passive House builder

Christine Williamson, building-science expert

Brent Hull, old-house expert

Peter Yost, building-science expert

Glenn Mathewson, building-code expert

Jake Bruton: builder/remodeler

The sessions

We’re still working to create a schedule of snappy Insight Sessions and more in-depth Breakout Sessions, including some hands-on clinics that will make the three-day Summit both thought provoking and packed with practical information for anyone involved in any role in residential design and construction. And we’re planning for a collaborative learning experience where the attendees have an opportunity to ask questions and share knowledge alongside the presenters. Here are 5 confirmed seminars—and there are many more to come—that you’ll have the opportunity to choose from:

An Easy Path to Airtight Construction

Pretty Good House 2.0: Practical Low Carbon

Keep Water Out or Nothing Else Matters

Building Science Fundamentals

Building Codes: Common Violations & Coming Changes

The bottom line

The Early Bird price for the summit, good until August 1, is $595. If you’re interested in more information, use this link to head over to Fine Homebuilding where you can see the schedule, learn about the sponsors, and find accommodations. Or go straight here to register. And here’s the last word: I’ll be at the Summit, and it would be really great to meet some of you in person.

You can reach Brian Pontolilo at [email protected].


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