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Green Communities

Green Multifamily Projects in the Neighborhood Stabilization Program

Believe it or not, there are Enterprise Green Communities (EGC) multifamily projects — as well as criteria and other resources to go with them

Enterprise Green Communities has a new set of criteria tailored just for multifamily projects.
Image Credit: Enterprise Community Partners

Recently, I was talking with another Neighborhood Stabililization Program technical advisor (NSP-TA) and he said that he heard somewhere that multifamily projects made up 30% of all NSP. I was shocked. I guess because so much of the work I do, day-to-day, is single-family oriented, it hadn’t even occurred to me that multifamily had such a stake in the NSP game!

New resources — EGC 2011 criteria: single-family AND multifamily

A few weeks back, I wrote about the release of the Enterprise Green Communities 2011 Criteria. The response has been amazing. We have heard wonderful feedback from all of the faithful users and some new ones out there. Thanks to you all.

Well, the technical team is back — and they are heavy-hitting around multifamily. All you multifamily NSP-ers out there…check this out! It’s a new resource to bring to your next meeting with your architect…

Enterprise Green Communities just released a sample set of multifamily specifications that align with the 2011 Criteria. They are impressive. I know, I know… I may be a little biased — especially considering I know how hard my fellow team members worked on producing them (along with our faithful expert TA providers) — but they really are good.

New EGC MF webinar

Also — check out the webinar EGC just conducted on the new MF criteria (oops for the late notice!).

Enterprise Multifamily Mortgage Finance

Also — a note for those of you working on multifamily mortgage financing: Enterprise Investment has a department that focuses totally on permanent debt financing. They are an impressive – and growing – group! Check them out here: Enterprise Multifamily Mortgage Finance.

Tell me about your multifamily NSP projects. Let’s compare notes. I have one I am working one, but I am only talking about it if someone asks…


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