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All Encyclopedia Pages on Green Building
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My GBA (content management tool)
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* Free 10-day trial membership. Try out GBA Pro for 10 days without any obligation. Subscriptions are available on a monthly ($14.95/month) or annual ($149.95/annual) basis. is the only online resource that offers a complete package of information needed to design, build, and remodel energy-efficient, healthy homes.

If you are a builder, architect, remodeler, interior designer, green consultant, homeowner or anyone interested in green homes, this site was designed for you.

Much of the site is accessible to any visitor, however, select areas are available only to GBA Pro members. Becoming a GBA Pro member is fast, simple and allows you immediate access to a deep well of green building content that will save you or your clients money.

Below is a brief description of those areas of the site available exclusively to GBA Pro members.

Construction Details

GBA Pro members have access to over 1000 downloadable construction details. The drawings are organized by climate zone and house part (e.g., foundation, roof, walls, windows, etc…) and are fully sortable. Each drawing includes a Key Materials section that fully explains the drawing components and a Builder Tips section provides best practices from experienced builders.


For builders looking for tips on what to build and why it matters, has gathered hundreds of field tested strategies. Written by experienced professionals, the building strategies serve as a checklist of considerations on any project. Like the construction drawings, our building strategies are organized by climate zone and fully sortable.

Product Guide

GBA Pro members have access to over 1600 products listed in the Product Guide. Listing include all pertinent information related to the product, including “what makes this product green?” Sample product category

Green Building Encyclopedia

The Green Building Encyclopedia is covers over 100 crucial green building topics such as integrated design, job site, insulation, heat distribution, and remodeling. Organized by stage of construction, the Encyclopedia allows users to dig deeper in to a particular area of interest. Sample Encyclopedia page


My GBA is a content management tool that allows GBA Pro members to save and organize content items into projects. What’s more, GBA Pro members can invite non-members to view these projects. My GBA is a great way for a builders, architects and project managers to communicate with other project stakeholders.


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