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Passivhaus Open House Tours

International Passivhaus Days are coming up, with open houses planned on Nov. 7-9 in many locales — even Urumqi, China

A data base of the Passivhaus Institut lists more than 300 projects that are part of the annual Passivhaus Days open house hour November 7-9.

If you’re interested in seeing what a house built to the Passivhaus standard looks like, your opportunity is coming right up. November 7-9 marks the annual International Passivhaus Days in which hundreds of houses in many countries will be open for tour.

There are a couple of ways of searching for nearby Passivhaus homes that are part of the tour. One of them is by visiting the Passivhaus Database maintained by the Passivhaus Institut in Germany.

The searchable database includes listings for 316 houses that are part of the open house globally. Click on a particular project and you’ll find photographs and technical details of the house, plus information on when the house will be open, where it’s located and how to get in touch for a guided tour.

You can also check listings posted by various regional Passivhaus organizations. In the New York area, for example, New York Passive House has posted an interactive map showing projects in the greater New York region, plus a schedule of when they will be open.

Other regional members of the North American Passive House Network have posted details of house tours in their areas.

The open houses have been taking place since 2004.


  1. user-1135248 | | #1

    While I'd love to find if any of these are near my area, I couldn't
    get anything useful out of their search engine or make any of the
    query forms work. Yet another badly designed website. If they
    want to drum up interest in this stuff, they need to make it
    ACCESSIBLE and independent of browser features/quirks.


  2. GBA Editor
    Scott Gibson | | #2

    Use "advanced search"
    The link takes you to the open house main page where you can click on "Viewing Opportunities." That brings up the entire list of buildings on the tour. If you don't want to scan through the 326 buildings, use the "advanced search" link at the top of the page and plug in your country (or city). You'll get a list of buildings, each with a symbol noting when it was part of the open house tours ('12, '14, for example). I found houses in Wisconsin, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and California that will be open this year.

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