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BS* + Beer

The BS* + Beer Show: Developers Who do Good

A conversation about the real market for sustainable neighborhood and urban development

Northland Newton Passive House Development by Steven Winters Associates

On this episode of the BS* + Beer show, Declan Keefe and Lois Arena share their perspectives as “Developers Who do Good.” They talk about what it looks like to “create space and place” for people to live in a sustainable way, the fact that Passive House (PH) construction scales well and is gaining momentum in real estate development plans (particularly for low- and middle-income multifamily housing), high-performance economics and financial incentives, roadblocks to PH projects, challenges in suburban and rural neighborhoods, working with mortgage brokers, how embodied carbon fits into the picture, the California model (all new buildings must be net-zero), modular panelization, and much more.

Enjoy the show!

Join us on November 18 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. ET when GBA contributor Jon Harrod and Bryan Orr of HVAC School tackle the subject of refrigerants. They will address the questions: What are we doing now? What should we be doing? Considering the EPA’s recent commitment to phasedown certain hydrofluorocarbons, it’s a timely topic. What will replace them? What will be the impact of transitioning to refrigerants with lower global warming potential? What are the implications for next-generation mechanicals? Come with questions of your own.

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Jon Harrod is owner of Snug Planet, a contracting company in Ithaca, N.Y., whose mission is to reduce building energy use in ways that make sense for people and the planet. Check out this episode of the Buildings + Beyond podcast to hear Jon talk about “The Role of Heat Pumps in Low- and Moderate-Income Homes.”

Bryan Orr is co-founder and president at Kalos Services. Bryan has been involved in HVAC training for over 13 years. He started HVAC School to be free training HVAC/R across many platforms. The motto: For Techs, By Techs. Bryan works with many organizations as an industry, business, and marketing consultant as well as an educator for hire.


Kiley Jacques is senior editor at Green Building Advisor. She can be reached at [email protected]. Image courtesy of Steven Winter Associates.

One Comment

  1. cody_fischer | | #1

    At the very end of the episode Lois mentioned a Multifamily PH project that was committed to using PTAC/PTHP but was still hopeful it could pass air tightness requirements. Any idea what the manufacturer was?

    I am trying to build a 22 unit PH building in Minneapolis and was considering the Ephoca HPAC 2.0 + electric baseboard for extreme cold.

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