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The Green Architects Chat With James Howard Kunstler (GBA Pro Version)

James Howard Kunstler with Phil Kaplan

Chris and Phil have a big-picture discussion on the built environment with one of our country’s foremost thinkers on the subject

Official Transcript

Chris Briley: Hey everybody, welcome to the Green Architects’ Lounge podcast. I’m your host, Chris Briley.

Phil Kaplan: And I’m your host, Phil Kaplan. How’re you doing, Chris?

Chris: Fantastic. People, know what we just did? We just interviewed James Howard Kunstler, our guest for this episode — a real great guy.

Phil: I can tell you it was fiery and it was fun.

Chris: It was fun! What a great guy.

Phil: Super entertaining.

Chris: Sheila had the bleep machine going.

Phil: Her finger’s going to be sore after this one.

Chris: Exactly. But first, following tradition, we’ve got a cocktail. We didn’t have cocktails during the interview because it was right at the end of the workday.

Phil: But, I’ll tell you, I need one now, Chris. What are we drinking?

[The guys talk about the Black Irish cocktail.]

Phil: Stay tuned for James Howard Kunstler.

[The podcast transitions to the previously recorded interview with James Howard Kunstler.]

Chris: Thanks for tuning in, everybody. With us on the line, via Skype, is James Howard Kunstler. He’s the author of The Long Emergency and World Made by Hand. I’m on chapter 15 now, Jim.

James Howard Kunstler: There’s gonna be a quiz.

Chris: He’s also the author of The Witch of Hebron, its follow-up, and he’s just recently released An Embarrassment of Riches.…

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