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Green Building News

Yes, Green Building Can Be Fun

Green building can take some unusual turns as designers set out to have some fun

No more takeoffs. Bruce Campbell paid $100,000 for this Boeing 727 and had it moved to a wooded site in Hillsboro, Oregon, for conversion into his home.
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Maybe “funky” or “fanciful” aren’t the first words that come to mind when you think of green building.

In a design world that seems devoted to number crunching and building science minutiae, some architects and designers are finding ways to make their building projects more entertaining.

The editors at Inhabitat have published six such houses that may change your mind about green building, including this airplane home in Oregon made from a salvaged Boeing 727.

Most of the houses featured by the web site won’t necessarily win prizes for energy efficiency or airtightness. But in the broadest sense of sustainable building — reducing waste and using reclaimed materials rather than building all new — they do pretty well.

In addition to Bruce Campbell’s converted 727, you’ll find a house that looks like a car in Austria, a solar geodesic dome that covers a cobb house in Norway, a 1907 Ellis Island ferry board that’s been turned into a retirement home for a New York City couple, and a converted water tower B&B in London.

For more information, and photos, on the projects, use the link to the Inhabitat web site.


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