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1-1/2 Story Insulation/Sealing/Venting suggestions

user-7765963 | Posted in General Questions on

I plan to re-roof and re-side a 1-1/2 story 50’s home and am looking for suggestions/advice for improvements on the bonus room insulation and roof venting.

Climate Zone: 6A

I previously added blocking below the kneewalls which seemed help the temp in the bonus room during the summer and winter months.

The section between the upper attic area and lower attic area looks to be stuffed with R11 batts so ventalation is poor between the 2 areas.

– Would be nice to eliminate vents on side of the house.
– There currently is no soffit venting, it looks like I might be able to add small vents there.
– Would a ridge vent help?
– Would Solar powered 750 vents help to pull the air through?

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  1. user-2310254 | | #1

    Story and a half homes are a challenge. See this article (plus the links in the sidebar) for some suggestions on how to improve their performance:

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