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Comparing Flashing Tapes

mikkelsen | Posted in General Questions on

Does anyone have experience with comparing these flashing tapes: 3M All Weather Flashing Tape compared to Grace Vycor Tape?

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  1. user-757117 | | #1

    I've never used the Grace Vycor like that but I've used up quite a bit of the 3M 8067 that way and it works very well.

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    What will you be using the tape for? I consider the 3M product to be more of an air-sealing tape rather than a flashing tape (in spite of its name). If you expect the tape to encounter water, and need the tape to shed the water as part of a flashing system, I would choose the Vycor product over the 3M product.

  3. CRC1 | | #3

    my vycor fell off osb so it isn't likely the right choice if that is your goal

  4. CRC1 | | #4

    meanwhile siga and 3m 8067 are not exactly readily available. apparently they are pretty special and not uniformly found on shelves.

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