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3rd Party HVAC Design

COCYCLIST | Posted in Mechanicals on

All – Building a new home in Colorado and I’m torn on what my HVAC design strategy should be. I’ve had some knowledge of the HVAC industry through a family member which have left a bad taste in my mouth (not saying all are bad!) but this further fractured my trust given my own personal experiences.

So here we are, building a large custom home, and I want to ensure we get things right and I can effectively go out to bid w/ a solid plan.

I’m wondering if anyone could provide references to a 3rd party company that does the design/manual jstd? I found two just by googling around, but prices are very high.

Second question, if anyone here is in Colorado (Denver area) and has some contractor recommendations for new construction, I would greatly appreciate any references, especially with rationale behind the referral.


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  1. user-2310254 | | #1

    This article will give you some suggestions. Others may have recommendations as well.

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    Colorado Cyclist,
    Steve correctly identified that article you need to read: Who Can Perform My Load Calculations?

    I can't recommend any builders in Denver -- but perhaps other GBA readers have advice.

  3. COCYCLIST | | #3

    Thank you both for the responses. Great article that you linked Steve. One clarification, I was looking for community recommendations on HVAC subs that do new construction...not builders.

  4. JC72 | | #4

    Try contacting Allison Bailes PhD of

    He's not local but IIRC they do design all over the US.

  5. Expert Member
    Dana Dorsett | | #5

    If Energy Vanguard won't take it on, Richard McGrath (who posts here) might:

    Morgan Audetat also does Manual-J s and (primarily hydronic) heating system design services via web in the past, and is very competent, judging by his comments on multiple web forums:

    So does Rob Brown, currently at Rockport Mechanical in Maine:

    (I understand Rob designed the heating & cooling of someone in the Seattle area posting here a year or so ago, clearly a remote design service job.)

  6. user-2890856 | | #6

    Colorado is a pretty big state , where are you located ? Dependent on where you are I may be able to assist in locating a competent contractor . May even be able to help with design , again , dependent on what you want to do . Feel free to reach out , [email protected]

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