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6″ wide aluminum insect screen

PatriciaCranberry | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Anybody have a good resource with fast shipping? I’m looking at having to cut it into 6″ strips from a 24″ wide roll unless someone saves me!

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Google is your friend. Walmart has it; see this link.

    I don't know how fast the shipping is.


  2. Expert Member

    I'm presuming a lot on very little evidence, but if you are using insect screen either for soffit venting or on the bottom of rain screens, it isn't very robust, and other materials perform much better over time.

  3. PatriciaCranberry | | #3

    Walmart! Are you kidding me? I googled the heck out of this...never found it. Bought a roll .cut into strips. saved money...but paid in my time....
    Yes, presumption is correct.
    Installing behind/under 1 inch foam and 3/4 inch furring INSIDE galvalume drip flashing with a 95 deg bend that will leave a 3/8 inch gap between bottom of flashing and starter strip of lap siding. almost entirely protected by flashing.. I know its not rodent proof...but neither is coravent product.

  4. Expert Member

    That will work fine. The problems come when it is the only protection at the bottom and the most common source of damage is weeds growing up into the cavity. When you remove them the screen comes too.

  5. PatriciaCranberry | | #5

    Thank you! We are in the crosstimbers of central oaks and prairie grass and an occasional fire so I'm planning a 1.5 or 2 foot strip of rock around the perimeter like this attached pic. Thanks again for responding and keeping an eye on me!

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