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Locating a Wall-Mount AC Unit

Alberto1932 | Posted in General Questions on
Attached is layout of my split level home, indicating north, south, west and east.
   I have two options for the location of the wall mount unit.
Option 1 – External EAST wall
   – This is the largest, open space room.
   – The issue here is that cold air will be blasting on you directly when sitting in the living room, plus bedrooms will never cool properly.
Option 2 – Internal West wall
  – Here not sure if it will cool open space and bedrooms?
Any thoughts/comments/issues?
My house is roughly 1100-1200 sq.ft.
Was recommended Mitsubishi 18000BTU, this unit has cooling capacity 5800-22000. or should I opt for the 24000BTU?

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  1. gusfhb | | #1

    YOu can aim the vanes away from you so blasting is not a big deal

    Primarily AC?

    I would not oversize.

    Consider the ducted style for best of both worlds

  2. Alberto1932 | | #2

    In 2000 installed AC in attic with flexible DUCTING, attic is very tight and during very hot days ATTIC temp 52C and air coming out 22C.

    For that reason plus the access inconvenience and the rust/mold build up decided to replace it with MURAL AC. NO more ATTIC and basement is finished so passing ducts would be costly.

    The location of indoor unit is my concern?

    My current unit is 2 tons.


  3. Alberto1932 | | #3

    Got two quotes for mural, price very close..but location is the question, Both had no real input with either location.

    My dad sits either position A or B and doesn't want to feel draft directly on him.

    Any thoughts?

  4. walta100 | | #4

    Generally the mini splits blow more up than out so the cool air sort of settles down over you.

    The higher end units have motors that keep the lovers in motion sweeping the air flow across the room.

    Try to find a home with minis to visit generally the air flow is not noticeable and the units are almost silent.

    They are nothing like window ACs that blasts a steady stream of cold air in one direction.


  5. Alberto1932 | | #5

    The two AC companies never did a split level home like my house, I asked them.

    The machines are carrier or Mitsubishi which are very capable.

    My concern is draft in the living room where dads sits as priority 1 and prio 2 cooling bedrooms (if possible)


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