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LG vs Mitsubishi Wall Mount Minisplits

cbut8995 | Posted in General Questions on

What does the GBA community have to say regarding both. They both modulate down to super low levels and both perform in super low temps. But in terms of cost, there seems to be a HUGE premium with the mitsubishi. I am from NYC so I definitely wont have a problem finding someone to fix it if they ever break. Obviously this is just ecomfort pricing but even with the installers there is still a huge price difference. They will be the only source of heating and cooling for a project I am doing in Brooklyn, NY. The entire building will be electric, large 7 foot windows and plenty of them in each apt. 



Mitsu 9K
LG 12K


Mitsu 12K

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  1. jason_v | | #1

    I just went through a similar deliberation. The cost difference is shocking. After combing through data, consulting may forums including this one I found there is no concrete evidence that ether one will perform better or last longer than another, its all anecdotes and conjecture. I would find a contractor you trust first and go with whatever equipment they are most familiar with and comfortable installing. We ended up going with Mitsubishi because in our area LG's support is thinner, and LG suffers from a general lack of service support and replacement part available mostly related to the size and growth of all their business departments, they simply don't have the structure in place to deal with their growth in sales. Mitsubishi is in partnership with Trane and parts and support is more available. the downside was Mitsubishi was 8K more expensive overall.

  2. Expert Member
    Dana Dorsett | | #2

    They have about the same max output at +5F and +17F (= close to your 99% design temp) but the shoulder season efficiency when operating in the lowest third of their range is going to be quite different. The COP of that series LG s are pretty crappy at minimum modulation compared to the Mitsubishis, eg:!/product/31912!/product/34427

    The LG runs a pathetic COP of 1.5 @ +47 when idling along at 1023 BTU/hr vs. the Mitsubishi's 4.6 cruising at 1600 BTU/hr.

    So if you're going with LG it's better to UNDERSIZE the units (to run less time at minimum output) , or go with a different/better LG series, such has the LAU/LANxxxHYV1:!/product/25817

  3. Jon_R | | #3

    > both modulate down to super low levels

    Contrary to popular opinion, this has little effect on comfort. What matters most is CFM/ton at the load you are operating it. This load is usually much less than design day load.

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