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AdvanTech as Air barrier

canadianexpy | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

Just wondering if AdvanTech sheathing could be used as an air barrier if taped?

Just wondering because of the past failures of OSB as an air barrier.

Also if so, what tape, I was planning on using 3M All Weather Flashing Tape but not sure if anyone had experience using it on this product?


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  1. brp_nh | | #1

    Our house was sheathed with Advantech (taped with Zip) and our final blower door test was 0.38 ACH50, so I think the answer is yes.

    We also used 3M All Weather Flashing Tape and Siga Wigluv, both work well, but the Siga is slightly burlier than the 3M. If cost were not an issue, I'd use the Siga. If you have time, get a roll of each, try them, and get the rest based on preference and cost.

  2. canadianexpy | | #2

    Thanks, Brain
    That is good to know, and very positive news.
    I had bought 3M tape for my barn build, but it was just OSB.
    The 3M is much cheaper than Siga, never used or seen in person the Siga Wigluv.

  3. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #3

    I agree with Brian, Advantech performs on a much higher level than typical osb. I have not used it as an air barrier but I have used its less-dense brother Zip for air barriers, which works great. I have no doubt that Advantech would be reliable as an air barrier.

    3M 8067 is a good and reasonably affordable tape. Similar options are Huber's Zip tape, which is very similar in composition to 8067 but has UV-blocking carbon added. Or Siga Wigluv or Fentrim, or Pro Clima Tescon Vana. Vana has the best combination of properties, in my opinion; Fentrim is similar but even stickier. All use an acrylic adhesive, which forms a forms a strong chemical bond with its substrate once it sets up, if installed properly.

    If you haven't already, read this:

  4. lance_p | | #4

    Brian, was your blower door done with the sheething only, or was it the completed structure with insulation, drywall and perhaps a vapor retarder in place? 0.38 is a terrific score!

  5. brp_nh | | #5

    This blower door test was part of the final inspection for Energy Star certification, so the house was "done" and we had been living in it for a couple months:

  6. JC72 | | #6

    Do blower door test after windows and plumbing/electrical penetrations have been made. It'll be easier to chase down air leaks w/out the insulation/drywall up.

  7. lance_p | | #7

    Nice work, Brian!

  8. canadianexpy | | #8

    Nice place, great numbers Brian
    I plan on getting the blower door test done before drywall and insulation.

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