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Adventure is my middle name…

GBA Editor | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Anyone ever tried attacking a wasp nest with white vinegar?

I wonder, if undiluted, would it have enough kick to achieve the desired result?


  1. silkwj | | #1

    If the desired result is pickled wasps, sure. Standard wasp spray is a neurotoxin that kills them in seconds.

    How fast can you run?

  2. user-757117 | | #2

    I read somewhere that vinegar could be used in this way, since it is a pretty strong acid.
    But like you suggest, I'm not sure how fast I can expect it to kill...
    I can run pretty fast, but...

    Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone had tried it around their own home.

  3. silkwj | | #3

    Ah, interesting. Well, any volunteers?

  4. user-1087436 | | #4

    No, thanks. We took the neurotoxin route. Three days ago. They say that yellow jackets (and other wasps) are beneficial predatory insects. And paper wasps (source: the mysterious 'they' again) are harmless to humans. But when your house is about to go on the market, and the yellow jacket nest is in the ground right by where potential buyers are going to be walking, well, it's time to be a murderer. Thus I donned my grim reaper outfit in July (parka, gloves, balaclava, safety glasses), waited until dusk, channeled Macbeth, and did the deed.

  5. jklingel | | #5

    I've never tried vinegar, but if you feel brave, put an M80 on the end of a stick and push it right near the nest. When the M80 is about to go off, shove it into the nest. The destruction is impressive and the first few seconds after the explosion are pretty exciting.

  6. NelsonL | | #6

    Vinegar is a relatively weak acid, Slightly more acidic than lemon juice. I seriously doubt that it would be fast-acting (fyi, I'm a chemist by training). But if you try it you have to let us know how it turns out. You are gonna be in a protective suit, right?

  7. JoeW519 | | #7

    You might wanna try asking a guy who paints 3-story houses and belongs to PETA.

  8. user-757117 | | #8

    Last night I soaked down a small wasp nest with white vinegar.
    They certainly didn't like it but it didn't seem to have much effect on the wasps themselves - hard to say if the it killed the eggs inside the nest...

    Anyway, I have no inclination to try it on a bigger nest.
    Looks like I'll have to get myself a can of "Konk".

  9. wjrobinson | | #9

    I bet a soaking a few days in a row will get all moving. After I take down sites, the critters hang around a bit but then are gone for a season I seems.

    By the way, vinegar works magic on moss.

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