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Air sealing details for a floating slab from the interior.

cs55 | Posted in General Questions on

howdy, yet another question about my house. 

im on a floating slab foundation and when i got the house it had tile flooring. it is/was extremely cold or hot near the exterior walls. with the flooring and baseboards removed i  swear i can occasionally feel an air current. 

where the slab meets the foundation,  there is a decent gap and this is where the air is felt. 

the flooring is slowly being replaced and in one room as an experiment i caulked where the bottom plate meets the foundation and i used sika flex crack in the gap.

there seems to be less cold/heat radiation and the air current seemed to go away. on top of that i went with flooring that i could double up on underlayment. seemed to help as a minor thermal break for foot comfort. 

should i continue with this or go about it another way?

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