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air sealing sprinkler heads

joejoemiller | Posted in General Questions on

Has there been an update on the best way to air seal sprinkler head penetrations in homes?  I saw some threads on this topic but they’re all over 10 years old.  Elsewhere I found articles that mention that air sealable sprinkler heads are available for homes, but I couldn’t find any actual sprinkler heads that fit this description.  Any pointers or suggestions are welcome.

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  1. jberks | | #1

    Are they concealed heads? Or recessed?

    Also, are they in you attic? Do you mean to air seal them like can lights?


  2. holliepotter | | #2

    If you water your grass properly, you could save time and money. Turn to denton sprinkler repair at for quick sprinkler repairs so you can keep your lawn and garden flourishing. They guarantee exceptional outcomes, swift service, and reliability on every work, whether it is installation, maintenance, or Denton sprinkler repair.

  3. severaltypesofnerd | | #3

    I found this

    Here's a sprinkler head I'm trying to figure out how to air seal, without compromising the function of the sprinkler. The way these work is outer appearance cover is soldered on: that solder melts at the target temperature and the appearance cover drops free.

  4. dadiy | | #4

    I just found this online but haven’t done a deep dive yet.
    “BlazeMaster® Caulk & Walk® Pro is a firestopping sealant that is compatible with BlazeMaster CPVC fire sprinkler pipe.”

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