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Location of airtight drywall gaskets

DarkNova | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

With the Airtight Drywall Approach, using gaskets (Conservation Technology’s), I’m wondering where exactly on the top plate these should be stapled to? On the diagrams about Airtight Drywall it is a little hard to tell as the “dot” where they show the gasket being is basically in the corner between the ceiling drywall and the wall drywall for the partition walls.

I’m thinking that I should probably put the gasket near the bottom of the top plates, so the ceiling drywall will butt up against the top plate and then the gasket will seal the top inch of the wall drywall to the top plate (and the ceiling drywall will be taped to the wall drywall).

But…I could be wrong about this, so please let me know if I’m supposed to put the gasket at the top edge of the top plate so that the gasket goes between the top plate wood and the edge of the ceiling gasket. Thanks.

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  1. Expert Member

    As you say, the lower the better. The ceiling drywall is often slid up the last inch or so of the walls as it is manoeuvred into place. The chances of the gasket being disturbed during rocking are going to be reduced by you placing it on the lower plate.

  2. DarkNova | | #2

    Thanks Malcolm. If we're already planning on drywalling the ceiling first, and then the walls at a later date, would it make sense to attach the gaskets underneath the ceiling drywall, after the ceiling drywall is installed? Then the gaskets wouldn't be disturbed by the ceiling drywall process.

  3. cdgatti | | #3

    Nick, I would think if you have the sequencing luxury of time between the ceiling and wall drywall install, then yes probably best to but the gasket on after the ceiling drywall.

  4. CMObuilds | | #4

    I would install it on the lower of the two top plates to eliminate the airpath between the top plates into the attic where top plates overlap onto an adjacent wall. Even if your doing top plate sealing on the attic side you might as well try and be reduntant.

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