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Building gasket placement on ceiling drywall and wall drywall?

Cz4a_Giovanni | Posted in General Questions on

Need some guidance on this concept.

I am getting 1/2 in Ceiling and Wall Drywall installed, and need to make decision on how to install Denarco gaskets properly.

Can I do the following, and be effective? Since the Ceiling and Wall drywall will be butted up to one another at ceiling edge, will it be okay to get a 1 inch thick Denarco Foam Gasket for Airtight drywall for the two half inch boards….or I am unaware that there will be a small gap for mud where the two boards come together…and so would need a wider than 1 inch foam gasket?

Or do i simply need to use two distinct lines of Gaskets, so that there is no chance the mud would come in contact with the Gasket? (where the seam between the two top plates, is separated between a top layer of Gasket foam and bottom layer of Gasket foam)…Would this provide the proper drywall air sealing design?

I ask this, because the details on the Denarco website, and others don’t address ceiling application, and I want to do this properly.

Please provide guidance that explains the why, regarding placement, etc. Thanks!


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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    The gasket goes between the top plate of the wall and the drywall. There is no need for a gasket at the perimeter of the ceiling drywall. See illustration below.

    For more details, see this article: "Airtight Drywall."

    1. Cz4a_Giovanni | | #2

      Martin, since i will be installing all the gaskets before any of the drywall is installed by contractor, how far down from the top of the two sandwiched top plates do i affix the gasket? Since the 1st of the two top plates is 1.5 it at bottom edge of the first Top plate ( just above the seam where the 2nd top plate sits?) The articles drawings/ diagrams do not seem to show this feature zoomed up close.

      1. GBA Editor
        Martin Holladay | | #3

        Don't overthink this. Your aim is to prevent air from leaking through the crack between the drywall and the top plate. As long as the gasket is located along one of the top plates -- somewhere where drywall will catch the gasket -- you'll be fine.

        1. Cz4a_Giovanni | | #4

          Ok great. I have a tendency to overthink if i dont fully grasp a thing. Thats the reason i need the "whys" of a task. Thx for the clarification.

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