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All in one, 120v, ventless, heatpump washer and dryer

blamus20 | Posted in Building Code Questions on

I think this is a code question – the new LG washer dryer combo is 120v and ventless. GE also has one. So if I plan to use one in a new construction home, does code require vent piping to be installed for the dryer and 240V receptacle at the laundry location?

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  1. Expert Member


    The IRC excludes condensing dryers from venting requirements.
    See: M15.2.4.8

  2. gusfhb | | #2

    It's basically a washing machine. Same hookups. I put one in at work. One might consider provisions for a old school dryer unless it is onerous. Tough sledding with a family with a condensing washer/dryer

    1. josh_in_mn | | #3

      These are heat pump machines, they perform somewhat better than classical condensing machines, but are still slower vs conventional gas or electric vented machines.

  3. canada_deck | | #4

    I really wish someone would make an all-in one vented unit. All of the all-in ones are ventless with a lot of complaints about long run times. I think one of them even required you to manually switch modes from washing to drying in the middle of the cycle. For space saving and convenience, I'd like an all-in-one but I'd want it to have a 240V traditional dryer cycle.

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