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Allison Bailes Published a Book

Brian Pontolilo | Posted in General Questions on

Good morning everyone.

Allison Bailes needs no introduction to long-time GBA members. For newcomers, Allison is one of our regular contributors. He has a PhD in physics and has put that education to work as an HVAC designer, building performance consultant, and building scientist. He’s the author of the Energy Vanguard blog and writes Building Science posts here on GBA. Allison knows why homes fail, has a deep understanding of how they work, and has a knack for explaining complex concepts in simple terms. Now he’s writing a book. I got this email from Allison this morning:

In case you didn’t know, I’m finally writing a book and today is a special day. I’ve created a crowd-funding campaign to get pre-orders on a site called, and I just hit the launch button. Now, the more pre-orders I get, the more publishers will be interested and the better publisher I can get. My goal is to get 1,000 books pre-ordered in the next month.
You can read all about the book I’m writing on the site, so the reason I’m sending this email to you is first, I consider you part of my inner circle of people who would have interest in the book and in helping me reach my goal. Here’s the link to the site:
I’d really appreciate it if you’d take a look and pre-order one or more copies of the book. On the right side of the page you’ll see the pre-order levels, from one book to 250.

Thank you so much for your support!

~ Allison

We often get press releases and are asked to promote new websites, blogs, books, and more. We may review a new book or product, but we typically don’t “promote” them. This is different. Not only is Allison part of the GBA family, but his book is sure to be top notch, so it was a no-brainer to share his email here.

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  1. dankolbert | | #1

    Just pre-ordered!

  2. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #2

    Very exciting--pre-order complete!

  3. JC72 | | #3

    +1 Must support the home team !

  4. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #4

    Imagine how many eyes would be opened to modern building science concepts if his book makes the NYT bestseller list! Fingers crossed :-)


  5. tommay | | #5

    So how much actual construction experience does he have? Would you buy a cookbook from someone who has never been in a kitchen?

    1. GBA Editor
      Allison A. Bailes III, PhD | | #6

      Thanks for asking, Tom. I've built a house out of SIPs and remodeled a bathroom. I've spent thousands of hours in attics, crawl spaces, and basements doing home performance work on many homes.

      Here's documentation of some of that. You can find out more by reading my bio on the Energy Vanguard website:

      Here's a page with a little info and some other links about the house I built:

      Here's the first article I wrote about my bathroom remodel:

      ~ Allison

    2. Expert Member
      ARMANDO COBO | | #8

      Many of us have spent the last 25-30 years, or since it became fashionable, learning Building Science from folks that were not or are not professional Builders or Remodelers, but the brightest building researchers in North America, like Lstiburek, Ueno, Yost, Straube, LaLiberte, Rosembaum, Rose, Klein, Proctor, Karagiozis, guys at ORLN, PNNL and Berkeley labs and countless others scientists, including Bailes, that have promoted better building construction methods.
      The work, and more important, the selfless teachings of those guys have allow me and many others in the industry to learn, flourish and stay ahead of the competition, by providing better service to our clients and the industry itself. I’m proud of my work, in great part, from the opportunities I’ve had to learn from all those geeks and researchers with limited or no construction experience.
      Respect is due!

      1. GBA Editor
        Brian Pontolilo | | #9

        Hi Armando.

        I agree 100%. I would add that designers and builders like yourself who use the most current research from the folks you mentioned to create best practices for your projects are an equally valuable resource. You've contributed a tremendous amount of valuable information here, along with many others. Keep up the good work and thank you.

      2. aliciaalva81 | | #13

        It's great to hear about Allison Bailes and his significant contributions to the GBA community. With his background in physics and experience in HVAC design, building performance consulting, and building science, it's clear that he brings a wealth of knowledge to the field. Writing a book is an exciting endeavor, and given his ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms, it's likely to be a valuable resource for those interested in the subject.

    3. Expert Member
      MALCOLM TAYLOR | | #10

      Yeah, we don't need no experts with their book learning!

  6. unremarkab1e | | #7


  7. jerhullP | | #11

    Just ordered mine!

  8. GBA Editor
    Brian Pontolilo | | #12

    Hey Everyone.

    Last push for Allison's book. The pre-order fundraising ends at 1 pm tomorrow. Use this link to order your copy:

    Thanks for your support of the GBA community.

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