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Air-Sealing Bottom Plate-to-Slab Transition

beedigs | Posted in General Questions on

Been following Matt Risinger (Build Show) for tips on better building since we started our house build project since we are in the same climate zone 2.  Was planning to follow the detail he has in this video of a caulk sandwich for airsealing where bottom plate meets the slab foundation. Unfortunately, due to shortage of raw materials, this particular product, DAP Sound Block E90 is on a long backorder. I’ve already reached out to DAP for an alternative product to use but they said this is the only one of its kind.  We are framing in 5 days so we will need to have a gameplan for this airsealing detail to be implemented.  Could you please help us? Love this build community.  See attached photo for the breakdown of the sandwich layer.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Kiley Jacques | | #1

    Scroll down to the section on caulks and sealants in this article to see what FHB ambassador Mike Guertin recommends: A Roundup of Air-Sealing Products . There is also a section titled "Buttoning up the mud sill" that you will want to read.

    1. beedigs | | #6

      thank u!

  2. qofmiwok | | #2

    Per Peter Yost, we used Tremco Acoustical Sealant below and above the sill seal. I've read a lot about how messy it is but at least in our cold-ish weather the guys said it went on great.

    1. beedigs | | #5

      thank u!

  3. user-1112797643 | | #3

    I’ve used Tremco, gaskets, sealants, everything. My fall back now is Contega HF. We just happen to be using it for a different application on a retrofit now, as well. Ordered yesterday (Tuesday) at 9am PST, and the box of sausage tubes arrived to the job site at 11:00 the next morning in California - we paid a little extra for the expedited shipping, but not a ton. I’ve used the Contega rolled-adhesive, as well, on a PH recently. Worked well for sill-plate airsealing and double as the beginning of our wall airsealing system when we stuck our wall membrane to at the bottom.

    1. beedigs | | #4

      thank you for the tip!

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