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Another selection criterion for mini-splits

user-1137156 | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

I’ve looked at many close cousins in the mini split market and have observed a few interesting facts, some of which might affect which unit I choose. 1. Modulation range this is expressed on the data sheet by a minimum and maximum capacity @ 70f. Observation, there appear to be several “classes”
with the most common max/min being 3 but this ranges from 2.5 all the way to just over 10. many data sheets also include power at the capacity limits. 2 COP the ratio of thermal output to electrical input ( BTU output/3412 =watts out) If it is stated on the data sheet it’s at rated output. I found some data sheets on units that have power input at min&max capacity so I was able to calculate COP at min&max. output. The COP @ min ” metric” ranged from 2.8, I’d say not bad to 0.77, I’d call that stupid. What I’d call the best “performer” has a capacity range over 10 with a minimum COP of 1.8 and max output COP of 3.2 with rated output COP of 3.6

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  1. user-1137156 | | #1

    Selection by size or even modulation range may be less than"best"!

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