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Anyone Familiar with Enerlux windows?

Stockwell | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I have been scouring the net for info on fiberglass window manufacturers and I have gone to see a Marvin Integrity install, Alpen install, etc., but in all this time of looking, I had never seen the name EnerLux until today. I am not sure why, other than they look to be very small.

I see very little when I search, other than a few videos on youtube that try to show off the strength of their product. Their energy efficiency claims look great, but not listed in the NFRC site so I am not sure where they get the info. I plan to call them tomorrow, but wondered if anyone had used them or dealt with them before. They are in Nebraska. The product looks to be of very high quality with their method of joining miters, the Cardinal glass options, dual or triple pane, insulated frame, Kynar coatings–impressive on paper(or monitor, in this case).

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  1. Stockwell | | #1

    Found a bit more--it's listed here as a startup looking for investors

  2. Stockwell | | #2

    For those who may come along later--I have spoken with the company extensively and talked to a dealer. I am very impressed. They appear to want only the highest quality in every facet of the window. The frame and sash seem indestructible. The Kynar paint is the same used on metal roofing, so it should be tough. The hardware is German(Roto). They offer many of the Cardinal glass options. They are going to start spray foaming the interior of the frame/sash so every void is filled. They even offer to send you a full casement window(smaller size) for $175 which goes towards your purchase if you go with them, or return it and they will give you $125 back. It's a leap of faith to do a purchase, but they do seem to be freaks about quality. I am waiting on a quote to see where they land price-wise. I have a Marvin Integrity and an Alpen 625 quote to compare.

  3. COCYCLIST | | #3

    Hi Kevin -

    I'm starting to research fiberglass window options for new construction we're hoping to start in Spring 2018. Would you be willing to share some of your analysis with me on the Alpen vs Marvin vs Enerlux? It would be greatly appreciated...thank you!

    [email protected]

  4. Stockwell | | #4

    Email sent Nik

  5. user-7120065 | | #5

    Hi Kevin,

    Did you end up going with Enerlux and if so how did it turn out?


  6. onslow | | #6


    Not sure if you are building at an altitude over 4000' or not, but if you are, be sure to check on whether or not the argon gas will be available. When I was doing windows for my home at 8000', I was shocked to be told by Marvin (and others) they would not ship that high except with air fill only. I went with the Alpen and have been very pleased with all but the paint. In fairness to that though, the sun here is really wicked.

    My series were 525-S . Non-operable are u-.15 ,operable u-19, which I think is the same as the 625 you are looking at. Faded paint aside, I greatly enjoy being able to sit next to 3 windows in the breakfast corner without feeling like a vampire is sucking out my body heat.

  7. AWGrover | | #7

    Kevin, wondering what you ended up with for your windows, and your experience.

  8. jurassicjet | | #8

    I too am wondering what Kevin or Nik ended up with. I am starting a new home construction in Wisconsin and am trying to decide between Enerlux, Marvin or Alpen.

    1. wiscoguy | | #14

      I know it’s been a while but how was accurate Darwin for shipping and lead times and price. I also live in Wisconsin and have been interested in fiberglass windows. I feel like duxton, accurate dorwin, and enerylux are about where I’m at just curious if you wouldn’t mind elaborating more on your experience with them.

  9. dot1 | | #9

    I'm looking at Alpen and Enerlux for the north side of my house after getting Marvin Essential fiberglass on the south side. I'm not disappointed in fiberglass as a window material, but I am disappointed in Marvin fiberglass windows. The aesthetics are AWFUL on the Marvin's. The entire base of the awning window is ABS plastic -- cheap look and feel and whiter than the fiberglass. The entire top of the lower sash on double-hung windows is ABS plastic! The screens are the cheapest possible garbage they could get. The white of the screen frame is whiter than the stone white of the fiberglass. And the screening material is cheap polyester. making the view through them terrible. A big name and expensive price tag does NOT equal quality. And, the customer service is terrible. Before I purchased the window, I asked the local sales rep and Marvin customer service if there was vinyl or plastic on the windows beyond small parts and seals. I was told no. I'm now looking to re-screen all the screens and get replacement parts for the plastic sections so I can take them to a wood worker and see if I can get them fabricated out of wood. A window person told me the mull piece that joins two double hung windows is "hideous" -- two fiberglass sections that sandwich an ABS plastic section running the vertical length of the window. He suggested I cover that with wood. I posted about my experience on another website, and Marvin dealers jumped all over me about how I didn't do my job to research the windows thoroughly (because, of course, it is the consumer's fault that a product is misrepresented and generally crappy!).

    1. johngfc | | #11

      Dot - Thanks for posting. It's hard to get specific information like this.

    2. AWGrover | | #12

      I just installed Enerlux on my entire house build. My initial idea had been to use Pella (my local construction team liked them), but Pella's prices were outrageous for my trapezoidal clerestory windows, which made Alpen and Enerlux both actually more cost effective. I have to say that the people at Enerlux are amazing to work with, super friendly and helpful, and the product is great. We had issues with my project I won't bore you with, but they stepped up and took care of everything without issue. You can't go wrong with Alpen either, they are a top notch company with top notch products and they have been around a long time. Alpen has more choices in window styles than Enerlux, but for equal specs, Enerlux will likely be a tad cheaper of the two. BTW, the Denver construction market now hates Pella, as they have devolved with horrible customer service issues, delivery issues, quality issues, etc.

      1. johngfc | | #13

        Andrew - the Enerlux windows are appealing. Did they have any issue with the Argon or Krypton sealed windows shipped to Colorado (> 5,000 ft)? Are you in Denver or a higher elevation? I didn't see anything in their warranty (or other descriptions) about gas fill and high elevations.

        1. EnerLux | | #18

          Hi John, All our glass comes from Cardinal, which has a 20-year warranty for seal failure. Additionally all our products that are manufactured for high elevations come with breather tubes installed in the glass unit to equalize the air pressure between the panes to that of the air at your elevation.

    3. deucevantage | | #17

      Word, preach brother…

  10. jurassicjet | | #10

    I ended up getting Accurate Dorwin windows for my house that I built last year. Could not be happier. Great service and the windows performed flawlessly through the last two years.
    I am so glad I went the route that I did.

  11. jwolfe1 | | #15

    I'm looking to hear more about Enerlux windows in particular vs Alpen. I'll be building at 11,000 feet in Colorado with 11,5000 HDD and will have a large south-facing window wall. We are in the drafting phase right now. I'll be posting for input soon, but would love to hear more about Enerlux and Alpen. Thanks!

  12. 2blackbelt | | #16

    I was needing to replace windows in a house that was damaged by a hail storm. Those that have installed Enerlux windows, what are your thoughts?

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