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Anyone have experience with Kohltech Supreme triple-pane windows?

adkhouse | Posted in General Questions on

I am considering Kohltech windows for my home build and am comparing them with tri pane Integitys. The have simmilar performance values but the Kohltechs are much cheaper. This is great, but also scares me a little since I have seen Integritys but not Kohltechs. Can anyone speak to their quality? Thanks for the help!

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  1. STEPHEN SHEEHY | | #1

    For what it's worth, I have Kohltech double pane casements in our three season, unconditioned porch. They are OK. Not comparable to the Intus Windows we have everywhere else, but the Kohltechs are decent Windows.

  2. Ian_plum | | #2

    It's been a few years since this thread was started, but I'm currently pricing out some triple-glazed Kohltech tilt/turn windows and entrance systems. Does anyone have any experience with these windows?

    Interestingly, they have many flange and brickmould options for the exterior, and they even have something that resembles a nailing flange on their tilt/turn windows. They call it a flashing flange, and although you don't use it to fasten/attach the window, it does look like it could make the flashing on an "outie" much easier. I will try and attach an image and a profile. They also have a drywall return flange interior option.

    Currently the price for Kohltech is $6k more then a Salamander European uPVC from European Architecture Supply. The euro windows are better performing and the lead time is similar. Are the flashing flanges worth the $6k premium?

    Installing the windows flush with zip sheathing/wrb, so flange could be good option in this case.

    Climate Zone 6. Coastal Maine.

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