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Architect/Design team recs – Lexington KY. Thanks!

SoTamGood | Posted in Pretty Good House on

Hi everyone!

PGH book recommended this bulletin board for recommendations.  We are planning to build a house on a 15-acre forest-lot in Lexington KY and are looking for recommendations for a PGH architect or other members of a design team.  We have a builder who is open to PGH ideas but doesn’t have much experience.

We are also very open to predesigned plans that are ideal for a Zone 4a climate.

Thanks in advance!  We are super early in planning and I’m drinking from the GBA/PGH firehose, so other recommendations are also welcome.

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  1. Jason_K | | #1

    I don't have an architect recommendation and it's not Lexington but is Zone 4A (Nashville TN area)...but for the mechanical/HVAC side of things I'd offer Barry Westbrook at DocAir for consideration. I know some of their team is in KY and they've been helpful in advising on our build so they may work as a resource for you.

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