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Are Casement Windows Worth It?

Convergence | Posted in General Questions on

We are in the process of designing our home and I’m wondering if the energy efficiency provided by casement vs. single hung is worth the initial higher investment?

We are going to build a hempcrete home with 12in walls, insulated slab foundation, radiant floors, but we obviously don’t want to skimp on windows either. In terms of the issue of diminishing returns, does it make sense to go for casement if it costs us significantly more money vs. single hung?

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  1. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #1

    I think you'll find little difference in cost. The main performance difference between them is long-term air leakage; sliding windows (and doors) allow more air leakage than windows or doors that close against a seal. The cost penalty to that air leakage is not huge, likely on the order of $5 to $10 per window, per year. The difference in comfort is more noticeable.

  2. cs55 | | #2

    going with what #1 said, i cant comment on casements but i can say if you shopped for tilt and turns, which are equally as good, if not better, then you really wont spend much at all over a single hung window. i recently went through a single hung vs tilt and turn quote spree and was surprised at how much better of a window i got for my money.

    one thing to consider is quality of life difference;

    single hung windows can often be awkward to open compared to a casement or tilt and turn.

    e.g, larger windows that are closer to the floor. my houses has a 48x84 window that is 10"from the floor. not great to open. but a tilt and turn window handle is at an easy to reach height for anyone.

    its not uncommon for a built in desk, counter(think kitchen sink window) or anything at all to be in front of a window. leaning over a kitchen sink to open a single hung window is not great.

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