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Are there experts that come to your home to tell you best insulation plan?

dwk020 | Posted in General Questions on


We need to better insulate our attic. The issue is that 3/4 of it is finished and 1/4 is unfished with HVAC mechanicals in it. The finished part is somewhat accessible in that you can access the roof by walking on the boards above where the drywall ceiling is hung. I have had three different insulation companies come and they all differ in their opinions. 2 have suggested open cell spray foam and one has suggested closed cell spray foam for the open parts and dense packed cellulose for the parts above the finished ceiling. We are in climate zone 5 in southern CT.

I have read virtually every article on here relating to these topics, which are great by the way, and I understand that closed cell is “less risky,” but it also seems that it is possible to do open cell if we either (or both) put a HVAC supply line in that room or put in a dehumidifier. The major issue is I don’t know what would be correct, nor do I completely understand how this may or may not impact the balance of the attic. The company that suggested doing the closed cell foam, suggested essentially sealing that part of the attic from the other parts.

Would love anyone’s opinion on this and also if anyone knows is there a consultant, or building scientist or other category that I could contract with to get a professional opinion? I feel like the insulation companies don’t really have a scientific approach to all the variables and when I ask questions they just say they can do that if I want.

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  1. user-2310254 | | #1

    Check the professional directory on the Residential Energy Network (Resnet). You also should see if your local utility has any energy conservation programs. If so, that may help you save on costs.

  2. dwk020 | | #2

    Good suggestion, but there are no Resnet professionals for insulation in my state. Anyone have any other ideas or comments on the problem?

  3. JC72 | | #3

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