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Baffle Vents and Radiant Barrier

derekr | Posted in General Questions on

Can I put a radiant barrier between my rafters against the underside of my roof and then put my baffle vents on top of the radiant barrier?

the baffle vents would touch the foil slightly on the sides and in the center but a lot of it would not be touched, would this cancel out the benefits of the barrier? Would this cause any moisture problems?

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  1. Expert Member


    What are you hoping to achieve by adding the radiant barrier?

    1. derekr | | #2

      I thought it could reflect some heat before it reaches the insulation, it’s an A frame house so it’s all roof

      I was thinking about putting this between the rafters starting with radiant barrier against the underside of roof > baffle for air channel > then r38 rockwool, all 3 of these in between 2x12’s

      Would just the baffle and r38 be enough without the radiant barrier?

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