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Barn Mitsubishi minisplits

flymee | Posted in General Questions on

3 years ago we constructed a barn in lower CT. With your help, we used 2” foundation insulation, 2” foam sheet wall installation and 5” sprayed closed cell foam in the roof. It turned out great. Without the heat on last year the barn never got below 40 degrees in the winter or above 80 degrees in the summer. 

My question, the outside Hyper-Heating inverter unit can handle 3 inside units. I have two 18,000 btu inside wall units. If I only want to keep the barn at 60 degrees, is it better two just run the downstairs unit or should I run both?

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  1. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #1

    Fred, I believe the best strategy would be to run just one of the indoor units most of the time, and have the other one set to fill in below a certain temperature. That will allow the highest efficiency, but if you find that you have comfort issues, you could set them both for the same temperature.

  2. flymee | | #2

    Thanks Mike. That’s the way I’m running it for a few months. I keep the downstairs unit at 60 degrees and the heat collects upstairs at about 65-70. Upstairs is also set at 60 and rarely comes on. For one month, my electric bill has not been much different. I believe if the thermostat is less than two degrees higher the inverter can handle the heat required.

  3. gusfhb | | #3

    Just pondering......if you ran the upstairs one at minimum setting and the downstairs one off then you highest temp in the building for it 'not freezing' might be lower, lower energy usage.
    Fire up the downstairs one when you go out to do some work

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