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Basement insulation

userfriendly | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

I have a full basement in zone 5A. The poured walls are the brick look style.
I plan to use board insulation first on the wall. Are all the cavities that make the brick look a problem as far as a moisture intrusion point?
Is there a way around this WITHOUT using a spray foam contractor?

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  1. GBA Editor
    Brian Pontolilo | | #1

    Hey Greg,

    I'm not sure what you mean by "the brick look style." Do you have any photos?

    1. userfriendly | | #2

      Not there to take photos. But the brick part sticks out past the morter part , the morter parts are recessed channels 3/8" deep. Looks like a brick wall. Never seen that before? Very common here.

      1. GBA Editor
        Brian Pontolilo | | #5


        I don't think I have. If you can add a photo when you have a chance, I'd appreciate it.

        If you are going to use rigid foam insulation, I think Matt and Jon are giving you good advice below, make sure you find a way to air seal the foam to the brick.

  2. MattJF | | #3

    Is the brick look on the inside? I’ve seen things like this on the outward face, but never the inner.

    I don’t think the surface should cause problems. Make sure you get a good air seal at the top and bottom.

  3. Jon_R | | #4

    +1 on just making sure that you prevent airflow behind it. Probably best done with thick soft foam gaskets.

    Use unfaced EPS foam for the insulation.

  4. the74impala | | #6

    Sounds like a cinder block wall.

  5. userfriendly | | #7

    Thanks for the input! Its a poured foundation, the pans they use have the brick look. Wish it was flat on the inside.
    What mastic should i use on the vertical seams of the board insulation? I appreciate all of the ideas on this thanks again GP.

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