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Bathroom window

Josh24 | Posted in Building Code Questions on

I have a small window that is close enough to a bathtub that it should be tempered glass…but it isn’t.  I’m wondering if I can put a grate infront of it to meet code? 

Code talks about it not being needed if 3″ sphere can’t go through it.  So if I put up a grate with 2.5″ spacing would that work?

Another thought would be to just drywall over it.  Would there be any code considerations for that? 


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  1. Expert Member
    PETER G ENGLE PE | | #1

    Why not just put tempered or laminated safety glass in the window? That may not be very expensive. You could also use a laminated/tempered interior storm window in some cases.

    A grating might not be acceptable. The purpose of the 3" rule is so that little kids can't get their heads through it and fall from a high place. The purpose of tempered glass is to prevent big, sharp shards of glass from injuring people when they break. A 3" grating won't stop someone from putting their hand through the glass if they slip and fall in the bath.

    Drywall would be acceptable, as it effectively removes the window from consideration. The space between the drywall and the window might get pretty funky over time, though due to condensation and such. It would be better to remove the window and fill in the opening with insulation and interior/exterior finishes. You must also pay attention to the code requirement that bathrooms must have either an operable window or mechanical ventilation. If there's no fan venting to the exterior, you would have to add one.

    Why are you making changes? Is it for personal safety, or is there some local code enforcement that is requiring the changes?

  2. ranson | | #2

    How about an applied safety film like Scotchshield?

  3. Josh24 | | #3

    Thanks for the replies. Really appreciate it. Will look into the storm window and the Scotchshield. Time is the biggest issue I'm dealing with...inspector is scheduled for Monday.

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