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Best locations for minisplits on outside of building

artisanfarms | Posted in General Questions on

I’m zeroing in on my HVAC requirements for my Pretty Good House renovation and have a question regarding the location of the exterior units.  

I will have two single head units for approx 2200 sqft of conditioned space.  1500+ on the main floor and an additional ~700 in the basement.  The two spaces are connected thru an open 8×8 stairwell.  

My options for the outside units are:

1) Mount both on the garage side of the house.  This is the most weather sheltered side of the house, but will result in refrigerant line runs of ~35 ft for one unit and ~60 ft for the second unit.

2) Mount one unit on the garage side and the second unit on the other end of the house.  This will result in refrigerant line runs of ~35 ft and ~20 ft.

3) Mount one unit at the rear of the house adjacent to a hardscaped patio and the second on the far end of the house.  Both sets of refrigerant lines will be ~20 ft.  

Which location makes the most sense and why?

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  1. Expert Member
    Akos | | #1

    As long as distance is within the limits of the unit, I would not worry about length. Do check the engineering tables as some units derate slightly with long runs though.

    The best spot for an outdoor unit is somewhere out of the way and protected from snow and blowing wind. My only advice is never mount onto a wood stud wall, only onto masonry or ground mount. These units are quiet but the compressors still produce low frequency vibration which will readily travel through wood framed structure. In most cases, ground mount onto a concrete pad or patio pavers is the simplest. Make sure it is high enough to keep it above the expected local snow fall.

  2. walta100 | | #2

    If you can handle how they look I say shortest line set if a better choice.

    Every bend on the line set is a potential kink or leak.

    Every extra foot of line set is one more place someone can drive a nail or screw and make a leak.

    Every extra foot make the unit work a little harder.


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